John Paul Norris

November 2, 2019

10 Reasons Not To Give Money to “Called To Renew”

These are the hard, indisputable facts and why you should not give a single cent to this “Called to Renew” scam:   The diocese has over […]
October 23, 2019

Mahony’s $1.5 million house

Disgraced Cdl. Roger Mahony lives very comfortably in a gated, newly remodeled $1.5million house in Toluca Lake, California. Toluca Lake is one of the richest neighborhoods […]
October 19, 2019

“Called to Renew”… Criminal Behavior

First, let’s pray for our good and faithful priests who are being forced, bullied to obey and follow instructions from the diocese. They are suffering in […]
October 6, 2019
Archbishop Jose Gomez is a thief

“Called To Renew” Campaign May Be The Biggest Scam In The History of Los Angeles.

Do not give a single penny until you read this as you may be funding gross negligence and most likely corruption in the diocese. The diocese […]