Clean the Church

We are an independent organization of Catholic laity founded to investigate cases of corruption, and financial and sexual abuse by clergy members and people working in the administration of the dioceses in the United States.

We receive tips and information from the laity, clergy, and people inside the dioceses. We investigate these tips and report our findings to the bishops and cardinals. If these reports are not answered, we then inform “the Church” using social media and other media. Since our inception, we have been able to accomplish results and we are currently working on further exposing these acts.

We are targeting child abusers, criminals, and criminal clergy members. These include the actual criminals and the people who are protecting them and covering up their crimes including attorneys, government officials and donors.

We believe that by expelling the evildoers and their protectors from the Church, the Church will be stronger and will grow once again.

We as a group use our own funds to conduct our investigations and publish our reports. We could use your help financially and to communicate to others the information we have.  Please consider donating and signing up to our groups.

Our premise:

Oh, how the saints longed for opportunities like this, to fight for the Holy Catholic Church and help cleanse it of evil!