Our campaign is designed around what has worked. We have a 4-step plan. Time to raise awareness:

  1. Identify the problems.
  2. Investigate and document findings.
  3. Communicate with the ecclesiastical authorities asking for correction.
  4. Tell the faithful.

On the cases we have investigated and vetted, we are ready to expose the truth and tell the faithful about the abuses that clergy have ignored, and we have a systematic, proven approach to accomplish it.

We will be doing this together. You can be part of a group of action-oriented faithful. We will be in communication, share information, pray, and act together.  Or… you can choose to primarily be a financial contributor.

Your heart wants to help now… and you may feel occupied by daily activities.

We are here to facilitate your participation. We plan, document insider tips, investigate, vet, and persist in removing evildoers.

This is something we must do, can do, and will do together. For Him, for his holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.