Archbishop Gomez Raking in People’s Stimulus Money

Gomez forces parishes to take SBA’s payroll protection money!
April 16, 2020
$7million, 26,000 square-foot rectory for 7 priests.
May 6, 2020
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Archbishop Gomez Raking in People’s Stimulus Money

Criminals Cardinal Roger Mahony & Archbishop Jose Gomez

We just learned that Archbishop Jose Gomez applied for and received over $7 million from the Federal Stimulus Program designed to help small businesses. 
This is while Gomez keeps a $700million endowment fund, and over $180 million in cash. 
Give Gomez a call or send him and email and DEMAND that he returns the tax-payers money immediately. Also, ask him to use his vast cash reserves to give money to parishes and families in Los Angeles and most importantly, to open our parishes now.
Archbishop Jose Gomez:

Tel.: 213-634-7534 


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