10 Reasons Not To Give Money to “Called To Renew”

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October 23, 2019
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December 11, 2019
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10 Reasons Not To Give Money to “Called To Renew”

These are the hard, indisputable facts and why you should not give a single cent to this “Called to Renew” scam:


  1. The diocese has over $437 million in cash. They could give each parish $1 million and have $100 million left but have refused to use these funds to fix or help our parishes and schools. Why?


  1. The diocese is spending money like drunken sailors. Their staff increased from 100 in 2011 to over 400 employees, bureaucrats today.


  1. Instead of using the millions he has in reserves, Archbishop Gomez chose to close several schools that were struggling financially.


  1. Executives in the Chancery that were appointed by criminal Cdl. Roger Mahony have salaries of over $500,000/year each.


  1. Mahony is in control of the diocese through the general counsel, Margaret Graf. Ms. Graf personally told us that she speaks to Mahony “almost every day” (we have the tape).


  1. Mahony is in control of ALL the priests in the diocese through the Vicar for Clergy Fr. James Halley whom for obvious reasons happens to live with Mahony at St. Charles Borromeo.


  1. The diocese spends an estimated $42,000/month (of our money) in keeping criminal Cdl. Roger Mahony living and traveling around the world like a king.


  1. Hundreds, if not thousands of sex-abuse lawsuits will hit the diocese starting in January 1, 2020. Diocese attorneys will continue to manipulate and pay-off victims.


  1. The stature of limitations was lifted (Assembly bill 218) and our sources tell us that Mahony will personally be accused of predatory homosexual-sex-abuse to minors. Do you want your hard-earned money to pay for the attorneys to keep this shameless, wicked criminal out of jail?


  1. Your contributions, one way or another, will go towards defending vicious sex-abusers and thieves that are prowling our parishes and destroying our Church.

Mark all your donations to your “parish use only and not to the diocese.”

It is time to stop the corruption and clean the filth in the diocese.

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  1. Chris child says:

    I don’t give to the cardinals appeal anymore

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