White Ribbon Campaign

Dear Fellow Catholics:

Wear a White Ribbon to Mass and everywhere to let others know you:.

A White Ribbon is a sign of purity and respect. We, the Church, are demanding for clergy and all Church members to come clean - protect the good and vulnerable, and denounce the perpetrators now.

-Support good priests, bishops, religious.

Defend the Church Jesus founded and support good priests, bishops, religious, and laity who are faithful to their vows and the teachings of Christ. Stand with the victims, vulnerable potential victims, and whistle-blowers.

-Demand the Church to be cleansed

of abusive priests, and their enablers and protectors. The Pope, bishops, pastors, clergy, all religious and laity must report abusive clergy and their accomplices to law enforcement first..

-All abusive clergy and enablers must be removed from any position in the Church and put in jail!

-Will not donate to any USCCB

fundraising campaign nor any percentage of parish contributions to the bishops until the Church is clean.



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It Is Time To Clean The Church

Oh, how the saints longed for opportunities like this, to fight for the Holy Catholic Church and help cleanse it of evil!

Clean the Church White Ribbon Campaign Big