McCarrick “punishment” is Smoke and Mirrors

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January 31, 2019
McMarrick – Mahony
February 17, 2019
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McCarrick “punishment” is Smoke and Mirrors

Don’t get distracted by Bergoglio’s smoke and mirrors strategy (Wag The Dog). McCarrick is most likely dying, not capable of any more harm and has nothing to lose. Defrocking him is just an insignificant step for the Vatican to show that they are doing “something”. 

McCarrick is clearly taking one for the team. 

McCarrick leaves behind a network of homosexual priests and roadmap on how to handle sex-abuse cases to protect the abusive clergy members and not the victims. 

McCarrick’s partners in crime, like Mahony, Wuerl, O’Malley and Dinardo, remain in power and so do many, many bishops and priests that are part of “Uncle Ted’s” gang of sexually-active clergy – child abusers, sexual harassers, active homosexuals… criminals. 

The fight is not over. The fight just got started. We will, with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Clean The Church.


  1. jo says:

    you are way out of bounds. roger mcfhony in bed with the other guy in the article. unless you have 100% proof you are shooting yourself in dthe foot!!!!!! Golden rule, how would you like it it a slanderer falsely accused you of being a snake in sheep ‘s clotheing and that you are a child molester? I agree with anybody that Roger should be in prison, with the people he aided and abetted, but to accuse his of “being from San Francisco” is not just. Are you gonna lose any credibility you have with rumors and gossip?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Brave soldiers carry on

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