Mahony WILL deliver his speech this Saturday.

“Priest in good standing”?
March 2, 2019
Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles
We hand-delivered our petition to one Roger M. Mahony!!!
March 25, 2019
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Mahony WILL deliver his speech this Saturday.

It looks like the narcissistic, manipulative and wannabe king of the Church Roger Mahony will be riding his high-horse as he enters the Religious Education Congress (“REC”) in Los Angeles this Saturday.

Petitions, phone calls, emails, letters, protests, nothing will stop this ill-intentioned man from imposing his agenda on immigration and anti-Church half-truths to further corrupting the hearts and minds of religious educators in Southern California. The man “in charge” of the L.A. diocese, incompetent Archbishop Jose Gomez is just obeying and allowing Mahony and his gang of inordinate, sodomy promoters to speak freely at the congress. Gomez refused to accept our petition and physically and violently had us removed from the L.A.  Cathedral grounds. 

Mahony and the evildoers around him are acting like termites, silently eating away the foundation of His Church. Average church goers have no idea of what these people are doing. So, we must go to the REC and witness this attack ourselves so that we are better prepared to inform others. It is time to use technology, social media and our talents for the good of His Church. 

Mahony’s speech is scheduled for Saturday 3/23 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Plan to be there early to get good seats.

Here is the website of the event:

The registration page:

Also, please keep us in your prayers as we are in the forefront of this war against evil and consider a donation to help us pay for our out of pocket expenses that are quickly accumulating.

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