Incompetent Bishop Gomez adds names to the blacklist!

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November 29, 2018
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December 20, 2018
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Incompetent Bishop Gomez adds names to the blacklist!

Incompetent Bishop Jose Gomez just released an updated list of priests accused of sexual abuse of minors. Mahony does not make the list again.

Gomez who has pledged full transparency fails again. He purposely does the absolute minimum in this type of announcements. He once again fails to condemn criminals Roger Mahony and Thomas Curry for their part in covering up the crimes of these additional 54 priests on the list. All of the child abusers on the list worked for Mahony. All abuses happened under Mahony’s watch and Mahony protected them.

Mahony and Curry remain “priests in good standing” in the L.A. diocese and continue to officiate masses, sacraments, and have a Church and public voice.  Mahony is expected to be a leader in the upcoming child abusemeeting at the Vatican in February.

It is worth mentioning that while Gomez is including new offenders like Fr. Juan Cano who was accused of inappropriate behavior with women while at Our Lady of Grace parish in Encino, Gomez fails to mention that Fr. Jarlath (Jay) Cunnane the pastor at Our Lady of Grace, and a very close associate of Mahony, has been accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with the parish accountant. Fr. Jay is also a “priest in good standing”.

Gomez also fails to mention Fr. Chris Ponnet from Holy Family Church in South Pasadena who uses a rainbow table cloth on the altar and lives with his boyfriend in the parish residency. Gay priests and close associates of Mahony’s are immune.

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  1. Jo’Ann De Quattro says:

    Chris Ponnet is not a priest at Holy Family Church. His brother Frank, a married man is a parish minister at Holy Family. Please get your facts straight before you publish them!

  2. Steff says:

    I would love to discuss father J and his misconduct with me when i was a teen

  3. Steff says:

    I have a story about father jay

  4. Irene Bialecki says:

    Fr Jay has just been appointed pastor at S. Cornelius

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