“Called to Renew”… Criminal Behavior

Archbishop Jose Gomez is a thief
“Called To Renew” Campaign May Be The Biggest Scam In The History of Los Angeles.
October 6, 2019
Mahony’s $1.5 million house
October 23, 2019
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“Called to Renew”… Criminal Behavior

First, let’s pray for our good and faithful priests who are being forced, bullied to obey and follow instructions from the diocese. They are suffering in silence.

Secondly, we now understand why Bishop Gomez is rushing to extort money out of the faithful and coerce priests to be complicit in this scam (see below).

Thirdly, I refuse to aid and abet criminals. Do you? 

Now, let’s address the facts. As you saw in weekly bulletins, there was a mediocre attempt by Margaret Graft, general counsel of the diocese, to answer our original email via church bulletins. (Our records show that Ms. Graft opened and shared our email over 100 times in the first 48 hours). 

 The diocese intentionally failed to address the following statements that we based on hard facts:

  1. The over $272 million in cash, plus the $150 million donation from Mrs. Shea, and the sale of a convent to Katy Perry for $15 million the diocese has. An estimated total of $437 million. Why are they manipulating us for more?
  2.     The fact that the diocese has increased their staff from 100 in 2011 to over 400 employees today (over $2 million in monthly payroll expenses). Why?
  3. 3.     Parishes that have been coerced to participate in the scam have experienced a huge decrease in weekly contributions and are in financial trouble. They can’t use the funds to pay for their on-going expenses and parishioners are dry. Many parishes cannot even afford to pay more priests or utility bills.
  4.     The diocese spends at least $42,000/month to in keeping criminal Cdl. Roger Mahony living like a king – a $1.5million house in Toluca Lake with all expenses paid, new car, mountain cabin in Fish Camp, CA, personal secretary, personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor, maid, driver, first class travel and 5-star accommodations a fully functional ham-radio studio, high-speed internet, new laptop, new smartphone, etc.
  5.   Ms. Graft, David Scott other “executives” in the diocese take exorbitant salaries and pay substantial outside attorneys’ fees. The millions they spend on legal fees keeps Cdl. Mahony and his gang of criminal priests, bishops and associates out of jail.
  1.     The fact that some of our Catholic schools have to rely on Americorps to hire teachers who receive food stamps to supplement their salaries under this program. 

The most disturbing fact is that we now understand Archbishop Gomez’ rush to extort the faithful out of $500 million while keeping the diocese coffers full. (We did not cover this in our initial email). On October 13, 2019, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 218, a new law that gives all survivors of childhood sexual abuse, regardless of their current age, a three year “window” to file a civil lawsuit for the abuse they suffered. The law will take effect January 1, 2020. All h*ll will break loose in the diocese and they deserve it. BUT, We DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES. Doing so will make us complicit. 

 The diocese is anticipating thousands of lawsuits to come in and they will use the current reserves to keep defending criminals and further destroy the victims while maintaining their comfortable status quo. Intentionally, the “Called to Renew” funds are being set aside with a third-party (for now) so the courts and victims don’t touch them. The diocese will find a way to channel these funds back to the diocese after they emerge from bankruptcy or the 3-year term expires. Mark my words. These people are devious. evilsmart

 Action Plan:

Let’s give money directly to our parishes and earmark our donations directly to the parish ONLY. Make sure that the diocese does not get the 7 to 13% parishes usually send to the diocese. Talk to your Pastor about how you can pay vendors directly and write: “Parish use only, not for diocese” on your check or offering envelope. Not a single penny to the diocese. 

Think about it, directly or indirectly, CONTRIBUTING TO THE “CALLED TO RENEW” SCAM and giving money to the diocese IS AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALS. A GRAVE SIN!

The money I earn with my sweat will not be used to defend criminals. I will defend God and His Church but not the corrupt clergy members. It is our right and duty under Canon Law to speak up and denounce these evildoers. 

Perhaps this new law will clean the diocese by bankrupting it. It is time for Cdl Mahony, Bishop Curry and their gang of criminals to go to jail. It is time for Mahony to sell his house, mountain love-shack cabin, and other assets and use that money to pay the victims.

 Archbishop Gomez:  NO MAS! 


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