“Called To Renew” Campaign May Be The Biggest Scam In The History of Los Angeles.

Criminal Cdl. Roger Mahony teaching illegal immigrants how to cheat and avoid authorities
October 6, 2019
“Called to Renew”… Criminal Behavior
October 19, 2019
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“Called To Renew” Campaign May Be The Biggest Scam In The History of Los Angeles.

Archbishop Jose Gomez is a thief

Do not give a single penny until you read this as you may be funding gross negligence and most likely corruption in the diocese.

The diocese does not need the money.  According to the diocese’s financial report dated June 30, 2018, the diocese has over $729 million dollars in assets. $65 million of that is in reserves to keep settling child abuse claims. These assets do not take into account the direct and indirect ownership of land and buildings of over 350 parishes and schools.  In addition to these enormous reserves, earlier this year, Dolores Shea, made a $150 million one-time donation directly to the diocese. Plus the $15 million sale of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary convent to Katy Perry. We should see these in the 2019 report that for some obvious (perhaps devious) reasons is late.

The diocese is spending money like there is no tomorrow. Gomez is turning out to be the worst administrator in the history of Los Angeles. When Gomez took office in 2011, the diocese had about 100 employees. Today, it has over 400 employees and some of its executives like General Counsel Margaret Graft and Vice-Chancellor David Scott have salaries of over $500,000/year.

The diocese keeps supporting the lavish lifestyle of criminal Cdl. Roger Mahony. Let’s not forget that Mahony’s actions have cost US, so far, over $820 million and he is still a “priest in good standing”. Mahony enjoys a $1.5million house in Toluca Lake with all expenses paid, a new car, a mountain cabin in Fish Camp, CA (the love-shack), a personal secretary, a personal fitness trainer, a yoga instructor, maid, driver, first class travel and 5-star accommodations (Colombia, Rome, Mexico, France, DC, Texas, Florida, so far this year), a fully functional ham-radio studio, new laptop computer, new iPhone, etc.  According to our estimate, Mahony costs the diocese (us the laity) about $42,000/month ($504,000/year) not including all the ongoing legal expenses to defend him from civil lawsuits and the lobbying in Sacramento to keep him out of jail.

Furthermore, Mahony took away all financial aid and family discounts to elementary school children to pay for child-abuse settlements. Gomez has no intentions of giving any financial aid back to the children in the diocese and has closed several schools that were struggling financially. Several of our catholic schools in Los Angeles have to rely on government handouts and programs like Americorps to hire teachers. Shame on you Gomez!

It is time for the Los Angeles diocese and archbishop Gomez to clean the house before they ask for more money. It is time for the diocese to demand the resignation of priests, bishops and the cardinal that protected and keep protecting child abusers and thieves in the diocese.  It is time for Gomez to start cutting costs and stop pilling up millions in the diocese’s coffers while schools and parishes struggle.

Tell Archbishop Jose Gomez: NO MAS!

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