As Families Struggle, L.A.’s Archbishop Gomez Asks For Bailout Money

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March 15, 2020
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March 27, 2020
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As Families Struggle, L.A.’s Archbishop Gomez Asks For Bailout Money

With over $60million in reserves to defend child-abusing priests, $120million in cash reserves and an endowment fund estimated to be north of $700 million, Archbishop Gomez is asking the government for money to pay “church employees”

No word from the Archdiocese on their plans to help struggling families pay their bills.


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  1. E. M. Matthews says:

    Our Government is supported by taxes we the people pay, which is proper and correct. The United States of America has no state religion. Our government does not have leave to pay anything toward the support of the Catholic church, or any other religious organization. No American citizens taxes should EVER be used to pay any religion’s bills. Your church has enough income: the tithing of your congregations, the rental monies from properties, the income from the churches investments, and if necessary, the sale of any of the art works, and other things a church of God should not be involving it’s self in, plus cutting the expenses of your precious selves expenses, are more than sufficient. PAY THEM YOURSELVES! That is how businesses do it.

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